Muffin Stories – The Old Man with the wen | Children’s Tales, Stories and Fables | muffin songs

Long ago, there lived a kindhearted man with a huge wen on his face. One day, the man was cutting wood and it became dark. “Oh, it’s so late.” The old man hurried down the mountain. But it was too dark, the old man couldn’t see. “Oh, dear. Oh, there is an empty house. I’d better rest there until it gets light.” The old man went into the empty house and waited for day to come. But the house was spooky and the old man was scared. “I might feel better if I sing a song.” The old man began to sing to chase away his fear. Suddenly, some goblins appeared and began to dance to the old man’s song. The old man was surprised and stopped singing. The goblins approached and asked the old man. “What is the reason you sing so well? Do the songs come from that wen?” The old man was scared. “Oh, no, I just…” “It’s no use lying. I will give you my club, sell your wen.” The goblins struck the old man with their clubs and took his wen. They gave the old man their clubs and went off with the old man’s wen. The old man had gotten rid of his wen and received the goblins’club. He returned happily. He became rich because of the magic club. A mean old man with a wen in the neighboring village heard about this. “Hm… I ought to sell my wen and get rich, too.” The mean old man went to the empty house in the woods and began singing. The goblins finally appeared. The old man approached them and told them. “Ha ha, this wen is a song pouch. WIll you exchange it for tour club?” The goblins glared at

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