Halo Reach MLG Discussion -Episode #9

Hey guys TrulyExclusive here to bring you a the MLG Ducussion episode #9. In this new video i talk about the ( Halo Community Proposal to upload more halo content ) I also talk about the halo community as a whole and how i believe halo it self centered around the lagers known figures within the Halo community. Tips: Review your gameplay, Get a Mic that plays sound through your headset. Do 1v1′s Hey guys Truly Exclusive here to bring you a Halo Reach MLG For 2012 Discussion, in this video i talk about MLG Pros, Halo Reach , MLG Events, Boss Nasti, and everything around MLG Gaming. I this video I discuss the new updates in the Halo Reach MLG World. The new special guess, and the question of the day! Please leave feedback, and make sure to comment and like !

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